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All You Need to Know About Fidoo to Automate Staff Spending


With the Fidoo, you can increase your productivity. Digitalisation of receipts, receipt approvals, remote card top-up – there are a plethora of features that you will find useful when on the move. Using the Fidoo app, you have complete control over your team’s costs, while also increasing payment security and saving a significant amount of time. Concentrate on your business rather than on bureaucracy.

Features of Fidoo are as follows:

Expense Management Placed Under Your Complete Control

  • All transactions are under perfect supervision.
  • An overview of POS payments, ATM withdrawals, and online payments is provided.
  • You have the ability to switch between several corporate accounts.

Security First

  • Access is granted via a PIN, fingerprint, or FaceID.
  • Every payment triggers a push notification.
  • It is possible to remove a card from the app’s database.

Card Management Made Simple

  • A list of all the cards in your team’s collection.
  • Any card on your team that has a balance is available.
  • You may top up your card remotely from your phone.

Receipts are being digitalized.

  • Take a photo of your receipt immediately after making your payment using the push notification feature.
  • Options for photo cropping as well as advanced lighting adjustments
  • Sending an email to your manager for approval is a good idea.

Approval of Expenses is Simple

  • Sending out a push notice with an expense request for approval
  • Control of your expense details from your phone (information, receipt photo etc.)
  • Approval or rejection is as simple as a single tap.

Approval of travel reports from any location and at any time

  • An overview of the travel reports that have been submitted for approval
  • Control over the travel report’s specifics
  • From your phone, you can accept or deny with a single tap.

Download Fidoo App From the official link below:

[penci_button link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fidoo&hl=en_CA&gl=US” icon=”fa fa-download” icon_position=”left” align=”center” target=”_blank” nofollow=”1″]Fidoo App Download[/penci_button]


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