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Translate for Money: How to Earn Money From Fairlingo Translating Books


Want to earn money online? Today, I’ll be introducing you to a new platform that you translate books for money and earn money online. You’ll learn how to make money doing translation.

So what is this platform and how can you translate for Money? Check this Fairlingo review to the end…


This platform is Fair Lingo. So Fair Lingo is a global translation agency. Therefore, they have clients from all around the world. So since you’re going to be working as a translator here at Fair Lingo, you have to be more multilingual. That’s number one, you are at the native speaker level for that language that you. Know that means you have to be very fluent in order to actually work as a translator.


Also, what’s good here at Fairly Lingo is you can work here even if you have no experience next.


Can minors apply? A lot of you always ask this and apparently no, it’s prohibited to any person under the age of 18. Therefore, you can start working here if you’re 18 years old and above.

How to work at Fairlingo

Now let’s talk about the job. So what will be your task here at Fair Lingo? You have two general assignments that you can do. You can work as a translator or you can also work as a Revisor. Number one, you can work on translation assignments. You’re going. To translate files from their source language to their target language. Now, for this one, there are three levels we have here the junior translation door, the professional translator, and then the sworn translator.

So this is the difference between the three pipes of translator here at Verilingo. You will be deducted. For every mistake that you commit, it could be a spelling mistake or a grammar mistake, and that would be around 00:10 Euros per mistake. So for the payment method, they are going to pay you through PayPal. Every second week of the month. So for a month you’re gonna receive.

Two payouts. So now let’s go to the application process or creating our account. So I’ve actually tried creating my account as well. So the first thing is we’re just going to create our account. Just put in your personal information.

And right after that one. You’re going to then complete your profile. So remember guys, you have to really complete your profile because here at Fair Lingo, they are going to check profiles of those who have not completed their profile while not receiving any notifications for a project that you can do or for a file that you can translate, they’re really going to match the file. Or the project. With the profile. So they’re just going to send an invitation to a profile that matches the project.

Now if nobody claimed the file and you can definitely claim it on your dashboard. So the key here is to reality check your emails all the time for notifications and also make sure to check your dashboard. Because there might be jobs there and you can definitely go and claim them.


It’s a good opportunity for those who are native English speakers because there are many jobs for English Speakers. It requires no experience and interview. You can earn the same amount as other online jobs such as Typing and Transcription. There are still many other good websites out there that help you earn money online.


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