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Start your truck driving career with free CDL training grants!

CDL training grants
CDL training grants

The future seems bright if you look forward to making a career in the truck industry. The Commercial Driver’s License Program Implementation Grant or CDL training grants provides federal financial assistance to states to improve commercial automobile safety and reduce the number of accidents. The grant funds are available for use in three areas:

  1. Training of commercial motor vehicle drivers.
  2. Development, implementation, and evaluation of programs to improve commercial motor vehicle safety.
  3. Outreach and public education regarding commercial motor vehicle safety.

Grant for WIA or WIOA.

People with a limited chance of finding work or those who have lost their jobs are also eligible for WIA grants. The grant can be extremely challenging; even though it’s a terrific alternative if it’s accessible, not all applicants will be accepted for this grant. The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) or Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act is the legislation that authorizes this funding (WIOA).

Does FAFSA cover CDL Training Costs?

Although FAFSA legally covers CDL training grants, new legislative changes may limit your ability to get Pell grants or federally insured student loans to pay for your education.

Government Support for CDL Licenses

Government financing is more accessible in many regions and at the federal level if it is available. The grants offered are frequently intended for agencies and businesses rather than people considering working in the trucking business.

One of the various financing alternatives available to those pursuing CDL certifications is CDL grants. Grants are the ideal funding because you don’t have to pay them anything, but there are other options.


A professional learner’s permit, which allows you to ride on open streets in the company of a qualified CDL holder, is required before you may get your CDL.

The following considerations are provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration while filing for your learner’s permit:

  • The last ten years of your driving history will be examined throughout all states and the District of Columbia.
  • You must provide documentation of your medical licensure.
  • To receive a DOT medical card, you must complete a DOT physical.
  • Before completing the training course to obtain your CDL, you must have your provisional license for at least 14 days.

Instruction for CDL

As soon as you have your provisional commercial license, you will be assigned a CDL teacher (an accomplished Prime driver) and complete this stage of training by spending two to four weeks on the road. Your CDL teacher must always be in the passenger side of the truck you are driving with a permit, awake, and available to help you at all times.

You and your instructor will travel the country hauling actual loads while you master all the skills required to pass the CDL exam during this instruction portion. The main objectives of your trainer will be to instruct you on how to perform a vehicle inspection, drive and operate a trailer and truck safely, and rear the truck.


When you join a training school, you’ll learn all the techniques required to operate a vehicle safely—having the ability to drive on many types of terrain, such as slopes, mountains, or slick roads, and knowing how to turn correctly on minor roadways. You will get all the instructions required to obtain the CDL test. You will have an edge if you learn these abilities and safety precautions from a professional in the sector. You will get a firm basis upon which to grow, which will assist you in preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of both you and everybody you encounter on the road.


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